A dedicated & approachable supplier with a versatile range of products to suit your application

Pro Tune Electronic Systems, established in 2012, is the amalgamation of experienced electronic engineers and a respected engine tuner.

In a short time, Pro Tune created a complete line of electronic devices for competition, bringing innovative solutions to the automotive market, becoming a leader in South American motorsport technology. Now, Pro Tune Europe Ltd bring the same leading technology to the European market.

Pro Tune is an official supplier of several categories, including manufacturer teams. Our Engine Control Units and Touch-screen Dash Loggers have become synonymous with high performance in many forms of motorsport. Focusing on better solutions for your clients, our hardware supports the most complex projects, allowing perfect integration between electronics and tuner.

Our intuitive range of data acquisition, calibration and analysis software creates fully customizable solutions to suit the most varied of uses.

The pursuit of quality in our products is paramount, every detail from the material used in our CNC-milled casings, to our calibration software is created by an inspired engineering team, in tune with dynamic modern motorsport.